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Very talented individuals...

Based in the North West of England, we are an independent marketing company covering all aspects of graphic design, web design and brand development.

A creative team dedicated to producing high quality and exciting digital marketing success stories.

Before you meet the clan, we just want to clear up a few of the myths about us Hyenas!

  • We’re not part of the cat or dog family. We have our own family called Hyaenidae.

  • Hyenas live in large groups called Clans that can be up to 80 strong.. Our Clan isn’t quite that big yet!

  • We’re nocturnal animals, very rarely seen in the early morning!

  • Some of us can run up to 37 miles per hour.


    … and no-one from our clan was in the Lion King!

Hyena Clan Polaroid.png

Meet the Clan

Get to know the team behind Hyena Design, a creative marketing agency with a track record of success. We believe in using the latest technology and strategies to stay ahead of the game and update our approach constantly. With our team of industry experts, we are ready to exceed your expectations.


Mark Fitzpatrick

Creative Director

Mark (Fitzy) has 14 years of experience in the Design Industry, he started up Hyena Design 5 years ago.


Laura Maters

Graphic Designer

Laura joined the Hyena Design Team 2 years ago.

Social Media Exec

Libby Gregory

Libby is the newest edition to our Team! She handles all of our clients Social Media accounts.


Ryan Birchall

Ryan has worked closely with the Hyena Team for many years.

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